More You Spend The More You Save

The more you spend, the more you save.

NoPurchases you make for both you and your clients earn you 5%-10% in store credit toward future purchases, depending on your tier. Can spending money save you money? Absolutely.

Pro Rewards has two tiers:

Benefits Pro Pro Plus
- 2,500 points or $500.00 in annual purchases*
Pro discounts
30% 30%
In-store credits
5% 10%
Pro Connect
- done
Pro Tools
done done
done done
done done

Pro Plus members get a listing in Pro Connect.

If you spend more than $500.00 with us annually, we’ll list your business in our directory of web developers and designers. Businesses from around the world use Pro Connect to find skilled local pros to build or update their sites.

Pro Plus Members
Welcome To The Community

Welcome to the community.

Pro Rewards gives you access to community forums frequented by some of the best designers and developers in the world. Whatever your question, the answer’s here.

Members Only Codes And Offers

Members-only codes and offers.

Get registration codes for industry events like local WordCamps or World Hosting Days. You’ll also receive special offers from Adobe®, Ninja Forms®, Shutterstock®, Pluralsight® and others.

Join the free MPY Technologies Standard program and you'll get…

Log in once to access all your client’s MPY Technologies products in one place. Manage DNS, set up email, configure hosting – all from one screen.
Manage all your sites from a single dashboard, no matter where they’re hosted. Plus, Pro Sites automates routine tasks, making your job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, Pro Rewards only awards points for new purchases.

There are no restrictions – we award points on all new product purchases.

Absolutely. Domains, hosting, security, marketing tools -- Pro Rewards can be redeemed to purchase any new product. Use them for your own website, for your clients’ websites or to experiment with new technology.

No, MPY Technologies will not collect any fees for connecting you to a customer.

Yes, you may ask for a special badge to be applied to your name so everyone knows you’re a pro.

We often help pros get to local WordCamps or World Hosting Days. We also support a number of other conferences and shows.