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SQL Recoveries and Clones in Seconds

Power on your SQL backups or provision a clone to any desired point-in-time. MPY Technologies pioneers instant access for your SQL databases for recovery, test/dev, and ad hoc table or row queries. Whether you’re working on-prem or migrating and running SQL in the cloud,

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SQL Recoveries and Clones In Seconds

How It Works

  • 1
    Auto-discover all SQL clusters and instances.

  • 2
    Use incremental forever backups to drive capacity and network savings.

  • 3
    Automate SLA policy compliance with intelligent log management.

  • 4
    Spin up database clones with SQL Live Mount for test/dev in minutes without rehydration. SQL files are exposed via SMBv3 to the Windows Server running SQL Server.

  • 5
    Instantly locate your SQL backups and files with predictive search, no matter where they’re located.

  • 6
    Unlock cloud for test/dev or DR. Ensure protection of your SQL-based applications running in the cloud.

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