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Automate Protection. Azure Stack to Azure.

Simplify data protection on-prem or in Azure with a single platform built for hybrid cloud. Automate custom end-to-end lifecycle orchestration workflows with a consistent suite of APIs across your One Azure ecosystem. Manage your entire Microsoft Stack with a unified user experience.

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Manage Your Microsoft Apps on One Platform.
Azure Stack to Azure.

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    Plug-and-play. Get up and running in minutes.
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    Flash-optimized, parallel ingest accelerates snapshots and eliminates stun. Content-aware dedupe across one global namespace.
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    Use incremental forever backups to drive capacity and network savings.
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    Automate SLA policy compliance in minutes.
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    Instantly locate your Hyper-V, Azure Stack, SQL, Windows, and Azure backups and files.
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    Unlock Azure for test/dev and DR. Use Azure for long-term retention (while retaining instant data access). Ensure protection of your apps born in Azure.
Manage Your Microsoft Apps On One Platform.Azure Stack To Azure. illustration

Cloud Solutions for Azure

Send your application data to Azure for long-term retention. Retain instant access to archived data with MPY Technologies’s real-time predictive search. MPY Technologies also seamlessly converts your VMs into Azure Virtual Machines that can be powered on for test/dev or DR on-demand.

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Automate Protection For One Azure.

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