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Instant Recovery And Clones For Oracle

Instant Recovery and Clones for Oracle

MPY Technologies provides immediate access with near-zero RTOs and simplifies data management for your Oracle databases. Accelerate app development by providing Oracle clones for test/dev in seconds. Eliminate manual scripting and manage large-scale environments with one SLA policy engine.

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A Closer Look: Oracle Live Mount

Spin up unlimited database clone in real-time without a storage penalty.

Ad Hoc Queries And Restores MPY - Ad Hoc Queries and Restores

Ad Hoc Queries and Restores

Easily examine a database to track when specific data changed without provisioning extra disk space by mounting multiple recovery points.
Health Checks MPY - Health Checks

Health Checks

Bring a Live Mount online, perform a database validation, and notify upon completion via MPY Technologies’s APIs. Perform Oracle recovery fire-drill without needing a full restore of data files.
MPY - Test/Dev Workloads MPY - Test/Dev Workloads

Test/Dev Workloads

Provide instant clones to developers, accelerate application development, testing, and ETL (extract, transform and load) workflows without any impact to production environments.

How It Works

  • 1
    Auto-discover Oracle cluster, hosts, databases, and tablespaces.
  • 2
    Use incremental-forever backups to drive storage savings and network efficiency.
  • 3
    Automate backup, recovery, and archival schedules via one SLA policy engine.
  • 4
    Instantly spin up Oracle database clones for test/dev without rehydration. Database files are exposed via a NFS per database instance on an Oracle host.
  • 5
    Instantly locate your Oracle backups and associated files with predictive search. Unlock the cloud for cost-effective long-term retention.
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Streamline Collaboration Between DBAs and Backup Admins

MPY Technologies allows backup admins to securely delegate backup and operational recovery duties to DBAs while maintaining resource, security, and compliance management.

For Database Administrators

With Elastic App Service, backup admins can delegate backup and operational recovery tasks to DBAs, so that DBAs can use existing RMAN workflows. MPY Technologies delivers high data reduction and immutability without draining compute resources, even in the cloud.

Streamline Collaboration For DBAs

For Backup Administrators

MPY Technologies for Oracle delivers auto-discovery, policy-driven automation, and fully automated Live Mount for instant recoveries and clones. Backup admins securely delegate RPO and RTO tasks to DBAs while maintaining resource, security, and compliance management.

Streamline Collaboration For Backup Admins


Instant Recovery For Oracle

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