Everything In One Place

Everything in one place.

No more juggling client passwords. Log in once and have all MPY Technologies products at your fingertips. Manage DNS, set up email, configure hosting – all from one place.

One-click access.

Securely log in to any client’s MPY Technologies account with a single click. Activate and manage their products – all without compromising your clients’ security.

One Click Access
Shop And Buy

Shop and buy for your clients.

Purchase domains, hosting and more for clients using your card or theirs. Easily see how much you’ve spent on each client so you can bill faster and with fewer mistakes.

Join the free MPY Technologies Standard program and you'll get...

More time in your workday.

Pro Sites saves time by enabling updates to core, themes or plugins across all your WordPress sites at once – no matter where they’re hosted. It also automates routine tasks like backups, cloning and migrations

Deep discounts and a global referral directory.

Sign up for MPY Technologies Standard and save 30% on all your MPY Technologies purchases. You’ll also receive up to 10% in-store credit on every purchase+. Attract new clients with a profile on Pro Connect1 referral platform.

Deep Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can use Standard Clients to track all of your clients. You just won’t be able to update configurations on accounts that are not at MPY Technologies.

Yes, it’s easy to assign existing products in your account to individual clients. It won’t change the billing relationship, but will make it easy to see what products belong to each customer.

Clients will see the products you have selected for them. They’ll know the list came from you because your branding and contact information will be displayed on the cart. This will serve to reassure them that the message legitimately came from you.

You have three payment options:

  1.  You may buy products for your client on your credit card, which means they’ll never see, or have access to, the product unless you give it to them.
  2.  You can send them a list of products to buy, which means they’ll own the billing relationship.
  3.  If the client has granted you permission, you may purchase products using their card.

Clients can give you access to manage all of their products and, if they choose, to make purchases for them.

Yes, all of our applications in the Pro family display the same clients. There is no duplication between apps and they are always in sync.