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NAS Direct Archive Built For Scale

NAS Direct Archive Built for Scale

NAS Direct Archive allows you to efficiently store massive unstructured datasets elsewhere on-premises or in the cloud. Unlock policy-driven simplicity, cost savings, and high performance at scale. Drive operational efficiencies with incremental-forever backups and fast file scans.

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Benefits with the MPY Technologies Approach

Cloud Mobility
Cloud Mobility
Protect massive amounts of data - animations, video, and design files - at lower costs. Orchestrate data across on-prem to cloud.
Instant Access
Instant Access
Discover your data instantly, everywhere with global predictive search. MPY Technologies captures and indexes all files, on-prem or in the cloud.
Lower TCO
Lower TCO
Minimize storage and egress costs with incremental-forever backups. MPY Technologies only stores metadata while sending files directly to your archival location.

How It Works

  • 1
    Mount NAS volumes directly onto MPY Technologies – no proxies required. All data is captured in its native format.
  • 2
    MPY Technologies delivers parallel ingest and incremental-forever snapshots for fast backup performance. Integrates with native tools, like Isilon ChangeList, for 10x faster file system scans.
  • 3
    Automate backup and archival schedules via one SLA policy engine. Assign SLAs at the fileset level.
  • 4
    Instantly discover data with predictive search. Unlock cloud for cost effective long-term retention.
  • 5
    Restore files in-place or to an alternate NAS platform to avoid vendor-lock in.
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